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SANDY CARRUTHERS Ms. Molecule / Spookman

Sandy Carruthers first started working in comics at Malibu Graphics and his biggest success was The Men in Black comic, which later became the famous film with Will Smith. He also worked on Captain Canuck and as the Editorial Cartoonist for the Charlottetown Guardian. He has worked on several graphic novels, including Yu the Great, Sunjata: Warrior King of Mali, and Terror in Ghost Mansion, a graphic novel in the style of interactive storytelling. His other main work is the webcomic Canadiana, also known as the New Spirit of Canada. It began in 2004 and draws heavily on the traditions of the superhero genre. Sandy is currently working with the Charlton Neo group and his art can be found in The Charlton Arrow with the reworking of Pat Boyette's Spookman (with writer Roger McKenzie). He co-created a western series, Travest, Spirit Talker, with Roger McKenzie for Charlton Wild Frontier #1, and a horror story 'Skin in the Game' with writer Paul Kupperberg in The Charlton Arrow #5. Ms. Molecule is available in print in Unusual Suspense #1. Spookman is in print in Roger McKenzie's Total Frenzy Comics #1.

Sandy Carruthers


Steve DitkoSelf portrait by Steve Ditko STEVE DITKO Ditko's Weird Comics

Steve Ditko is the legendary creator of the internationally famous characters of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, along with Stan Lee, and used his unique style to redesign the looks of Iron Man, the Blue Beetle and Captain Atom. Mr. Ditko has lent his talents to just about every comic publisher over the last several decades, creating a vast array of exotic heroes,  villains and entertaining stories. Charlton Neo will soon be releasing his horror stories from Monsters Attack! magazine. The prolific artist still releases many titles a year which you can see at http://www.ditko.blogspot.com/p/ditko-book-in-print.html



Jean-Emmanuel Dubois has been a pop culture specialist & enthusiast since he was born and has written professionally for more than a quarter of a century. He has contributed to a wide range of magazine in France, England & the United States along with radio & TV jobs. Jean-Emmanuel is fascinated by US pop culture but instead of aping it he likes to reinterpret it his own continental way. First with the Euro-visions label, Jean-Emmanuel is now with Martyrs of Pop and is the proud captain of a indie label releasing CDs, DVDs and good old fashioned vinyl. Author of books on Bubblegum music, Yé-Yé! music (‘60s French Pop) and Rock cinema, Jean-Emmanuel is now working on a new series with artist Bart Johnson. Mr. Krime is available in print in Unusual Suspense #1.

Jean-Emmanuel Dubois


P. D. Angel Gabriele P. D. ANGEL GABRIELE N.E.O. / No Name / Pythagoras Was Wrong

P.D. Angel Gabriele's career in comics spans four decades, beginning in 1974 assisting on various assignments at Marvel and DC comics, accomplishing his first credited work with Kobra #4 in 1976 for DC. By 1979, Gabriele acquired merchandising rights and produced a promo comic for the US TV show adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's Magma Taishi, The Space Giants to US fans. During the 1980s, Gabriele continued to draw, but also pursued a career in professional wrestling, as "Dark Angel", based loosely on a character he depicted in comic book adventures for several independent publishers. Gabriele penciled a handful of covers for DCs Impact line, and collaborated with his longtime friend Denys Cowan in the development of the Milestone universe "Bible" art as well as inking for titles including Static and Hardware. In 2002 Gabriele inked Grass Green's last Xal-Kor comic for his close friend. Sadly. P.D. Angel Gabriele passed away on February 23, 2016. N.E.O. is available in print in Unusual Suspense #1.


DÆRICK GRÖSS SR. Knightingales

Dærick Gröss Sr., was a 20 year veteran illustrator and cartoonist when he first entered the comic book scene, creating a few of his own characters (including the long-standing Murcielaga/She-Bat) to run in a line of magazine-sized, newsstand comics by publisher CFW, in 1988. One year later, Dærick jumped to the big leagues as the illustrator on the award winning series, The Vampire Lestat, by Innovation Comics. This brought him the Russ Manning award in 1990 and interest from the reigning publishers, Marvel, DC, and Image... all of whom hired him for projects throughout the 1990’s. Dærick also filled his time and his budget with steadier work from the leading smaller companies, like Heroic, Chaos, and Caliber. Along the way, he also started his own company publishing, and co-publishing, a variety of titles. Currently, Dærick is coming out of semi-retirement and is coordinating with other talent in Charlton Neo and Pix-C. Knightingales is in print in Roger McKenzie's Total Frenzy Comics #1.

Dærick Gröss Sr.


Kevin Halter KEVIN HALTER Knightingales Inker

Kevin Halter has been drawing and reading comics for as long as he can remember. He attended Purdue University where he studied computer illustration and design,but his first passion has always been for comics and the chance to work with the talented folks at Charlton Neo and Pix-C is a lifelong dream come true. He lives in West Lafayette with his wife and two sons. Knightingales is in print in Roger McKenzie's Total Frenzy Comics #1.

BRAD HAMLIN Billie the Kid / Eddie Crossbones / Frankenstein 9

Bradley Mason Hamlin is the publisher at Mystery Island Publications, a pop culture isle for punk rockers and chicks that like to wear daisy dukes, and home to everyone’s favorite heroes & villains: Alcoholman, Frankenstein 9, Lucy Hell, and Eddie Crossbones from the internationally super infamous: Secret Society Comics. Also a frequently published poet, author of California Blonde, and editor & chief of Zero Percent Magazine, Hamlin was dubbed the “Road Warrior of Poetry!” by Pulitzer prize winning author, Gary Snyder. For more info on Brad, visit Mystery Island and look for his work on the new Chartlon Neo projects, including Billie the Kid in Charlton Wild Frontier and Atomik Monkey, in development with artist, Mort Todd for Charltoons.

Brad Hamlin


Javier HernandezSelf portrait by Javier Hernandez JAVIER HERNANDEZ Maniac Priest / ¡Viva Los Comex! / Les Vodouisants

Javier Hernandez is a cartoonist (The Coma, Dead Dinosaurio, Maniac Priest) who publishes under his imprint, Los Comex. He is the Associate Producer of the award-winning film adaptation of his comic book, El Muerto, starring Wilmer Valderrama, and in 2011 co-founded the Latino Comics Expo. He teaches comic book workshops throughout the Los Angeles area and has been published in Ditkomania, "Hey, Kids Comics!", and The Charlton Arrow, to name drop just a few.Visit his site Javzilla to see more! You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.


PAUL KUPPERBERG Kid Montana / N.E.O. / Tuffy Turtle

Paul Kupperberg is the Harvey, Eisner, and GLAAD Media Award nominated writer of Summer 2014’s landmark “Death of Archie” story line and Kevin (Grossett & Dunlap), a young adult novel featuring the first gay character in the Archie Comics Universe, as well as stories for Charlton Neo’s The Charlton Arrow, Charlton Wild Frontier, Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romances, and other upcoming Neo titles. Paul has also written over 1,000 comic book stories for DC, Marvel, Bongo, and others, and more than two dozen books of fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages, including the comic book themed mystery novel, The Same Old Story (Crazy8Press.com). He has also been an editor for DC Comics, Weekly World News, and WWE. You can follow Paul at PaulKupperberg.com, on Twitter (@PaulKupperberg), and Facebook. N.E.O. is available in print in Unusual Suspense #1.

Paul Kupperberg


Roger McKenzie ROGER McKENZIE Deathwatch / Funhouse / Knightingales / Spookman / Yang / Yellowjacket

Roger broke into comics in Vampirella #50 (1975) and has been trying to fix them ever since. He worked for DC (Gravedigger, Batman) and Marvel Comics (Daredevil, Captain America, Ghost Rider and more) and revived Dr. Solar and Magnus, Robot Fighter at Gold Key / Western publishing. Later he had creator-owned series at Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics, Comico and others. Currently writing several series for Charlton Neo Comics, including Spookman, Mr. Mixit, Liberty, Ink, Travest, Spirit Talker, and others. "WHEW!" Knightingales and Spookman is in print in Roger McKenzie's Total Frenzy Comics #1. Yang appears in print in The Charlton Arrow #5.


CLIFF MOTT Molly The Model

Cliff Mott joined animation studio, Rankin Bass, as a storyboard artist in his first professional experience. Upon the studio’s retirement, Cliff followed fellow Pratt Institute compatriots Rick Altergott and Dan Clowes to Cracked magazine in support of new editor Mort Todd’s reinvention of that title. Soon after joining as art director, Cliff was honored to work with cartooning legends John Severin, Don Martin, and Steve Ditko among countless talented artists and writers, helping bring new heights to the magazine’s history. Applying that experience has been key to Cliff’s success as a freelance artist with clients ranging from the New York Post, Reader’s Digest, and Playboy. Cliff has designed logos for Marvel Entertainment, including Kiss and Bob Marley titles. Specializing in humorous caricatures, Cliff has drawn musical artists from ABBA to Zappa and provided marketable images for artists like The Loser’s Lounge, The Fleshtones, Dictators, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the late Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Cliff has illustrated such tomes as the Punk Rock Book Of Lists, The Heavy Metal Book Of Lists and The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Lists. Cliff lives in Brooklyn with his terrific wife, Arlene, fantastic daughters, Thalia and Violet, and kooky canine, Kovacs. See more of his work at www.cliffmott.com

Cliff MottSelf portrait by Cliff Mott


Dan Reed DAN REED The Problem

Dan Reed always loved comics and as a kid found out that Captain Marvel creator C.C. Beck lived nearby. Mr. Beck hired him as an assistant and at 15 Dan entered an art contest at a Miami comic con where his work won first prize, judged by legendary artist Jack Kirby. By 19 he toiled for a South American company, penciling and inking El Hombre Mosca. He broke into American comics in 1981 by talking Charlton Comics into printing his story featuring Steve Ditko's The Question and Captain Atom. He went on to work for DC and Marvel drawing The Hulk, The Punisher, Captain America and others. He studied fine art with a full scholarship, while doing a newspaper strip called SubAtomica. He then went to live in Paris, drawing for Marvel UK, and after a few years returned to the U.S., again working for Marvel and DC. Wanting creative control he self-published New World Order 1-8 and Retro-Dead #1. He continued painting and started doing animation. Dan is currently publishing a Web Comic The Dimensioneer and after discovering Charlton Neo, he is working with those fun, crazy guys by introducing his character, The Problem! on Pix-C and the pages of The Charlton Arrow #6.



Pat Redding Scanlon did time at Marvel and United Feature Syndicate as a comics editor. She drew backgrounds for Daria at MTV and was a character designer --that means wardrobe and hair-- for multiple fashion doll animation projects including Barbie My Scene. Pictures. She does graphics, illustration and textile design while living in NYC with her architect husband Frank and schoolage cartoonist musician daughter Valentine. See more of her work at www.patreddingscanlon.com

Pat Redding ScanlonSelf portrait by Pat Redding Scanlon


John SeverinIllustration by Russ Heath JOHN SEVERIN Billy the Kid / Black Bull / Celebrity Biografix

John Severin’s work is a high-water mark in the comics medium, where his distinctive style and attention to detail served well in many war and western stories at EC Comics, DC and Marvel. Writer Mark Evanier stated that "Jack Kirby used to say that when he had to research some historical costume or weapon for a story, it was just as good to use a John Severin drawing as it was to find a photo of the real thing." He was one of the founding creators of Mad magazine and was the lead artist at Cracked magazine for 46 years, and the recipient of many awards in the comics industry. Along with Kirby, he was the original artist of Nick Fury and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Celebrity Biografix was a daily newspaper strip Severin collaborated on with Mort Todd for The New York Post and will be collected into a book later this year. Charlton Neo will also be releasing his horror stories from Monsters Attack! magazine soon.



Rene King Thompson is a disabilities advocate, former private investigator, and one time NGO to the United Nations. She's written for sociological journals, Chicken Soup for the Soul and has been the genealogical editor for a historical magazine. She comes to the world of comics writing like the child of unmarried parents: innocent, unprepared and accidentally. She is the wife of comics blogger, Steven "Booksteve" Thompson, mother of David, godmother of 3 and grand-godmother of the world's most beautiful child. Ms. Molecule is available in print in Unusual Suspense #1.

Rene King Thompson


Mort Todd MORT TODD Beware: Sadistik / Billie the Kid / Celebrity Biografix / Eddie Crossbones / Frankenstein 9 / Molly the Model / Mr. Krime / No Name /  Protoplasman

Mort Todd has had a long career in comics as a writer, artist, editor, publisher and bottle washer. He has also worked in film production, as a video and TV commercial director, animator and done extensive licensing of properties. He was editor-in-chief of Cracked magazine where he introduced a lot of new, now well-known talent, as well as working with some of the comic greats. At Marvel Comics he launched his own line of music titles, working personally with such bands as KISS, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC, along with the estates of Elvis Presley and Bob Marley. Mort launched Comicfix in 2000, primarily to syndicate comic strips like Celebrity Biografix and Speed Racer, but it has since evolved into a publishing and video production company. Since 2013, Comicfix has been packaging and releasing the Charlton Neo line, and now... Pix-C! See more Comicfix titles here and view some of Mort’s music videos, TV commercials and animation here.


BEN TORRES Deathwatch / Yang

Ben Torres started out his career as a comic book illustrator with Big Bang and Image Comics in the early 90’s on The Knight Watchman. He then transitioned into a career as toy designer with the premier toy industry leader Hasbro Toy Group. Over the past 20 years he served as a designer on many toy properties such as Star Wars, GI Joe, Batman, Superman, Transformers and Spider-Man among many others. In addition Ben served as creative consultant on various television series including GI Joe and Mummies Alive. After his long career as a concept artist and product developer for the movie,television and toy industry he has come full circle and has now returned to his first love… comic books! Yang appears in print in The Charlton Arrow #5.

Ben Torres

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